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{   September 01, 2003   }
Lost in Translation
I liked Sofia Coppola’s first film, The Virgin Suicides, on some levels and disliked it on others, however, Lost in Translation really shows her growth as a filmmaker mixing the… more »
The Horror Channel
Apparently there is a Horror Channel in the works. How very interesting. Though the similarly aimed Sci-Fi Channel has its faults, from time to time they show some great stuff.… more »
Cabin Fever
Right to the chase; blah. Initially, Cabin Fever had me pretty excited. I can never help but be optimistic when a horror movie looks like it may be good. I… more »
Acme Novelty Datebook
Much to my delight, the Acme Novelty Datebook, by the astonishing Chris Ware, arrived early this week. Contrary to what the title suggests, the book is not a day planner… more »
Now You Know
Exceptional websites (some new and some old) you should know about: bearskinrug - A brand spankin’ new redesign of the always obnoxious (but even more so as of late since… more »
Johnny Cash 1932-2003
I don’t really have anything to say that could possibly sum up this man’s life. There are just some people who shouldn’t get old and die.… more »
Pixies Reunite?
Can it be true? Pitchfork thinks so. Is this the news that will rock the indie world? Do people still care? Whatever the case, I’ll take one ticket please.… more »
On the Horizon
Well, this site has been up and running for just over six months now. In that time I have learned much from my first stab at its design, and managed… more »
Best Band Name Ever
Have you ever found yourself saying “Man, that would make a great band name”? Well, now you dreams of thinking of the best band ever name can come true. Tell… more »
Congratulations Are in Order
Peter Santa Maria will wed Marina D’Angelo on the day of October 30, 2004. Mischief Night. Well, damn. It’s not every day your one and only brother gets engaged, and… more »