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{   March 06, 2003   }
The Arrival of the PrayStation Hardrive
Yesterday also brought the arrival of the PrayStation Hardrive by Joshua Davis, a CD-Rom collecting 3,637 files (most of which being Flash source files) from the last several years. It really is an extraordinary thing, considering it’s just a CD-Rom with all of the work thrown on it in folders as if you had made it for yourself. So, the only way to really find anything is to sift through it all, folder-by-folder, file-by-file. I am a huge nerd so this actually translates to fun for me in some sick way. Also, it came in some really cool packaging styled to look like a mini version of the PS2. I must say I was excited to get the disc, since Joshua Davis creates some of the most compelling Flash work on the web and to get a chance to look at the code and methods of how he does it all seemed very promising. I guess I didn’t take into consideration just how much better a mathematician and programmer he could be. I need a decoder ring just to open some of the stuff, let alone figure out what the hell is going on. Like I said though, the nerd-dom abounds.