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{   May 05, 2003   }
I got to entertain the comic book geek in me this past weekend by going to see X-Men 2. It was unfortunately titled “X2” to appeal to the Mountain Dew drinking generation, and further unfortunately titled “X2 : X-Men United”. I just don’t get that…the X-Men are already a team. They thwart evil-doers together. Isn’t the “United” part implied? Is this a tie-in to the war? Whatever the case, it was for the most part entertaining. They decided to pretty much abandon all attempts at a plot this time around and just showcase what everyone came to see — ass-kicking-mutant-power-action. Cameos by Colossus and Beast (and Gambit…sorta) were a nice little treat for fans. Although, I couldn’t help but feel that this movie was just a long trailer setting up the inevitable third installment…much the same way the first film was for X2. Regardless of the intent, my comic book geek has satisfied its guilty pleasures for now…until the Hulk movie comes out.