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{   October 30, 2003   }
Scary Movies
In line with reading some good frightening tales, this is also the perfect time to watch some great scary movies. Tonight I got to watch the latest dvd edition of The Exorcist. This time out it’s The Version You’ve Never Seen, which in my case, was correct. I haven’t seen the film in many years, and before viewing it was worried it wouldn’t hold up after all this time; the same way that something like The Car just doesn’t seem as cool as when you were little. I am very pleased to say it held up quite well, combining wonderful cinematography, vomiting, and head-spinning into some truly twisted scenes.

For some more good frights this week check out IFC on Friday evening for Indie Screams, hosted by movie make-up marvel, Tom Savini. Also, the crown jewel as far as quantity is concerned, AMC’s annual Monsterfest; six full days of round-the-clock horror movies (here is the schedule). And let’s not forget the (re)release of Alien: The Director’s Cut in theaters this weekend.

All of this got me thinking as well, and you can help me answer this, what is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?