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{   Oddities & Diversions   }
Power Mac G5 - yow…these are really freakin’ fast.

Who, What, Where, When - I just installed this fantastic utility from the equally fantastic Textism. Now I can spy on all of you.

Bruckheimer Emo - Scathing review of the new Metallica.

Our Perfect Summer - more fun from David Sedaris.

Adam Ant snaps - Strips and rants before being arrested in cafe.

Hellboy movie images - *gasp!*

Meet The Makers Interview - With non other than Zeldman himself.

iTunes Store - Apple begins courting independent labels to expand online music store.

The Incredibles - The teaser for Pixar’s next film!

Braaainsss - 28 Days Later…the latest evolution of the Zombie flick. Looks quite interesting.