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{   Oddities & Diversions   }
Bubba Ho-Tep - The site and trailer for the next movie from the always enjoyable Bruce Campbell.

Mob Mentality - Spontaneous mobs for the hell of it!

Read Moby Dick - So says David Sedaris.

Rustboy Book! - A new book from the incredible Brian Taylor about his forthcoming animation, Rustboy.

Kevin Cornell, 200lbs of rock hard muscle - Apparently Kevin does some other work on the side.

Eegad! A sea monster! - I guess six shots in the belly would make you bring friends the next time…

robweychert.com lite - Rob launches with a temporary lite version of his site…this should shut up all of you pansies who couldn’t handle the full version of his site.

sockmonkeydrawer.com - Kim brings monkeys to the multitudes! It’s about time too…no one should be without a sock monkey.

Yin Yu Tang - Absolutely fantastic site for a new PEM exhibit.

tastes like chicken - An interview with Kevin Cornell!