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The Man Who Was Hook - The Morning News provides 12 wonderful new endings for a classic urban myth.

Hellboy movie site updates - Tons of pictures and such. I hope this movie doesn’t suck.

Dramatic rescue snatches back Mayan altar - Archaeologists’ occupational concept of Indiana Jones brought to fruition.

Rhubarb Design - My friend Heather Plansker launches her print design website. Go get married and give her work!

40 Mac OS X 10.3 Features, Tips, and Tricks - oh man, I really want to upgrade right now.

Stiff discipline after schoolboys’ Viagra prank - ”…there was no hiding what they had done”

X-RATED - Adult movie posters of the 60s and 70s. Highlights include The Erotic Adventurers of Zorro (note the “Z” carved on the girl’s butt).

The Descendents - Return with a new album and EP in 2004!

Firecracker - A new film in production. The amazing Mike Patton has not one, but TWO parts!

A List Apart - Redesign with XHTML and CSS! Some great new articles too.

The 5-Second Rule - It does work!

Born Magazine - Autumn 2003 Issue!

Floatutorial - Step by step CSS float tutorial

Need a job? - Become a LEGO Master Builder!

Paul Westerberg - Onion A.V. Club interview.

You’ve always wondered - What it takes to be the Best Boy.

Textism Redesign - Redesign with standards!

Lana Landis - Oo La La. Very swanky.

I Hear It Hurts - Neat, miniature site.

Itchy Richie - haha.

Renascent - Nice type usage and layout.

List of Collective Nouns for Non-Human Mammals - I always wanted to know what I should call my hedgehogs.

Almost Official - Eddie Izzard tipped as new Dr Who.

World Beard and Moustache Championships - Rob will be so happy.

mooch v2 - Fantastic, intuitive navigation.

Neave.com - Great use of simple Flash with HTML.