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{   Oddities & Diversions   }
Defective Yeti - Linguists discover “i” in “team”.

How to construct a clothespin match gun - I didn’t even know you could do this! Man, I wasted my childhood.

Mogwai - great interview on Earlash.

Unibody - The best pixel font out there just got better…a whole lot better.

Periscope - Beautiful use of Flash.

Robot Parking - The car that parallel parks itself!

Stupid Creatures - Equally cool, but not better than sock monkeys.

Nerf’Tard - McSweeney’s tells it like it is.

Troy McClure - Filmography from one of the world’s most illustrious actors.

Vaudeville Slang - “You givin’ me the high hat”?

Self-defence with a walking-stick - Finally, a resource for the rest of us. From The Journal of Non-Lethal Combatives.

The Girl Next Door - New David Sedaris fun!

Pitchforkmedia.com - A redesign and the promise of regular updates!