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{   April 29, 2003   }
The iTunes Music Store
Yesterday Apple (everyone’s favorite computer company) unveiled a new music service called The iTunes Music Store to coincide with the release of a new version of iTunes and a revamped… more »
{   April 21, 2003   }
Speaking of Sketchbooks…
…Kevin Cornell, local exotic male dancer/exotic male designer, has posted his most recent sketchbook online. I can’t help but be a bit taken back by the girth of it all.… more »
{   April 20, 2003   }
The Jacket Thief
Someone decided to steal my new jean jacket this weekend. Friday night I was hanging out at Tattooed Mom’s on South Street with some friends. I set my jacket down… more »
{   April 20, 2003   }
Regarding Design
Often times I hit a wall with design. My process breaks down due to any combination of factors. Sometimes deadlines, technical requirements or just plain laziness can bring about regurgitated… more »
{   April 06, 2003   }
A Re-Animated Weekend
This past Saturday afternoon I had the extreme pleasure of seeing the third installment in the Re-Animator series, Beyond Re-Animator. It was showing at my new favorite Philly theater, the… more »
{   April 02, 2003   }
Radiohead on the Sly
Some friends of mine happened upon the new Radiohead album (in mp3 form) on the internet today. I am listening to it this moment in fact. I have also heard… more »
{   April 02, 2003   }
Wait a Minute Mr. Postman
Every once in a while you get an album that you can’t seem to get out of your stereo. For local crazed mustache man ROb Weychert it’s Lightning Bolt’s new… more »