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{   August 27, 2003   }
Cheap Porno
Last night was The New Pornographers’ first show in Philly in 2 ½ years (Not that I knew who they were back then). From up north they came (Vancouver to… more »
{   August 26, 2003   }
American Splendor
American Splendor tells the true tale of hero-of-the-average, Harvey Pekar, a man wasting his life away as a hospital file clerk with no money, barely staying afloat in his own… more »
{   August 25, 2003   }
Macromedia Studio MX 2004
In an effort to further confuse everyone about their product names, Macromedia has announced its forthcoming Macromedia Studio MX 2004. The package includes Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks, all sporting the… more »
{   August 20, 2003   }
Freddy Vs. Jason
Well, I got to see the much anticipated (ok, not really that much…more on a “you’ve got to be kidding” kind of level than anything) Freddy Vs. Jason last night.… more »
{   August 18, 2003   }
What You’ve Been Waiting For
Nearly in time for next year’s party, the gorey pictures and video from the last birthday cut up, Camp Naked Terror 2 : Instruments of Death, are online for your… more »
{   August 12, 2003   }
The Big Move: Part 2
Well, we are finally in the new apartment. The move was marked this past Saturday with a whole lotta lifting, sweating, swearing and whining from all invloved parties. But its… more »
{   August 08, 2003   }
De-Loused in the Comatorium
Whether founded or unfounded, by saying this I risk similar commentary to my last post from my three regular visitors; I just aquired the new Mars Volta album, and it… more »
{   August 01, 2003   }
Moving On and Moving Out
Today is my last day at Power Design. I have taken a new position as a Multimedia Designer at TMX Interactive (ironically located about two blocks from my last dwelling… more »