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July 2003
{   July 27, 2003   }
Power Design Redesign
After months of hard work, we have launched the latest version of the Power Design web site. Now in its seventh incarnation, this version of the site sought to push… more »
{   July 18, 2003   }
28 Days Later, Alternate Ending
Apparently the ending to the much enjoyed movie, 28 Days Later, was not the only one in the can. Not only is there an alternate ending, but they are going… more »
{   July 13, 2003   }
When You’re Here, You’re Family
This weekend was my family’s annual reunion picnic. My family is very Italian and despite what many of my friends would like to think, its not quite like The Olive… more »
{   July 03, 2003   }
The World’s Tallest Midget
Ever since I began listening to music, They Might Be Giants have been a staple. As a creative person, their quirky personalities, inventive songs and trend-setting style made them instant… more »
{   July 01, 2003   }
Born Magazine
Its once again time for the latest issue of Born Magazine (a collaborative online creative magazine that puts artists and writers together)…but this time I was asked to take part… more »