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October 2003
{   October 30, 2003   }
Scary Movies
In line with reading some good frightening tales, this is also the perfect time to watch some great scary movies. Tonight I got to watch the latest dvd edition of… more »
{   October 26, 2003   }
Selected Readings and Miscellanea
I recently stumbled upon a collected gallery of covers from H.G. Wells’ milestone book, War of the Worlds. It remains one of my most favorite books (having also been about… more »
{   October 23, 2003   }
Search Inside the Book
Amazon.com implements a groundbreaking search feature today, Search Inside the Book. This new search method allows users to search through every page in every book. Astoundingly handy.… more »
{   October 22, 2003   }
Elliott Smith 1969-2003
Authorities still don’t know exactly what happened, but Smith apparently died from a self-inflicted knife wound to the chest. How very sad. Elliott Smith was truly a great talent and… more »
{   October 21, 2003   }
This past weekend, along with 15 other individuals, I took part in the National Film Challenge. The challenge consists of this: Participating teams are given a genre, character and occupation,… more »
{   October 16, 2003   }
VH1 ILL-ustrated
Tomorrow night marks the premiere of VH1 ILL-ustrated, an animated sketch show from Camp Chaos. Friends Pete Dalkner, Matt Sutter, and Jeff Bandelin worked on the animation and production of… more »
{   October 16, 2003   }
Making Your PC Nearly Tolerable
I really am beginning to believe that the creators of Windows are off somewhere laughing at how absurd it is that they have made a fortune from an operating system… more »
{   October 12, 2003   }
Kill Bill, Volume 1
I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino films, if for no other reason than because they standout from most other Hollywood fare. Whether it’s the dialogue, the characters or his… more »
{   October 09, 2003   }
For Me, For ROb
Fantastic adj. Pronunciation: fan-’tas-tik Definition: great, wonderful Synonyms: best, best ever, camp, cat’s meow, comical, curious, delicious, eccentric, excellent, extraordinary, far out, freakish, first-class, first-rate, grody, grotesque, kooky, ludicrous,… more »
{   October 07, 2003   }
Four Steps Back
Here we are again rooting for Web Standards (at least a certain portion of them), though this time with an unlikely ally, Microsoft(!). The very same company that wanted to… more »
{   October 02, 2003   }
A Brush with Stardom
The CBS show “Hack” (which is a show about some crime-solving taxi driver, to my understanding) was filming on my block earlier this week. Trucks, trailers and other assorted important-looking-stuff… more »
{   October 01, 2003   }
A Splash of October
Egads! Orange! Yeah, that’s right, orange. Though some of you have accused me in the past of often reverting to orange in my designs, this time I have an excuse…it’s… more »