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{   June 30, 2003   }
Weekend of Mirth
What a spectacular weekend. Kicking off Friday with yet another birthday party in honor of your’s truly (my birthday refuses to die this year) this time at the over-priced (yet,… more »
{   June 23, 2003   }
Happy Birthday to me…
Today I turn 25 years old. Show me how much you love me by buying me things. You will find lists of things that I really need here and here.… more »
{   June 23, 2003   }
The Big Move: Part 1
Well, it finally happened. My roommates and I moved out of out apartment this past weekend and relocated to our respective new homes in Philadelphia. Rob, Pete, and Matt moved… more »
{   June 18, 2003   }
Designing With Web Standards
Jeffrey Zeldman, the cool older brother of the internet, has written a new book called Designing With Web Standards. If you are anything like me (that being a design nerd… more »
{   June 15, 2003   }
Matt Sutter, he has the most impressive…
It’s birthday time again! Matt Sutter, owner of the largest Adam’s Apple on the Eastern Seaboard, turns 26 today. Let’s once again use the commentary for this post to show… more »
{   June 03, 2003   }
Rob Weychert, he’s one hell of a…
Today is local man Rob Weychert’s birthday. Rob reaches the ripe old age of 27 today, and I would like to take this time to give him a small gift… more »
{   June 01, 2003   }
Camp Naked Terror 2
Saturday was our 2nd Annual Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash, Camp Naked Terror 2. For those who are unfamiliar I will explain. Camp Naked Terror is the summer camp where… more »