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{   March 17, 2003   }
Fire Hazard
Word on the street has it that Philadelphia’s club the Khyber is closed, quite possibly for good. Apparently the crackdown on fire codes after the recent Great White concert tragedy has caused many cities to reevaluate their clubs for possible violations. Granted, in the event of a fire, the Khyber would be a death trap, but the part that really hurts is that Philly already has a struggling music scene as far as local bands and small venues are concerned. More and more venues are being sucked up by Clear Channel who sleeps well at night by charging way too much for shows. Without the efforts of people like R5 Productions and smaller clubs like the Khyber, you wouldn’t be able to see a band coming through town for less than $30+. Maybe I am just stubborn but I can rarely justify spending that much to see a band. I have seen some of my most favorite shows at the Khyber. Its dark, hole-in-the-wall atmosphere had a charm all its own. The small rooms provided you an intimacy level that made you really feel like you were participating with the band and not just watching from hundreds of yards away. Hopefully they will be able to find a way to open up again, until then they will be sorely missed.