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{   May 18, 2003   }
Karaoke and Kung Fu
Friday night I got to partake in some karaoke action with some friends at a sports bar called Mad Anthony’s (which was conveniently located beneath a nearby hotel). Now, as much as I like to frequent sports bars and yell at the TV therein as I spill beer on those around me, I must give the place credit. As far as karaoke goes, they had the best selection of songs I have ever seen. From Iron Maiden to Dio to Danzig — this place had to know we were coming. About half of the performances that night were made up of some pairing of our group, including fantastic air-guitar performances by mustache man ROb Weychert during the instrumental breaks.

Saturday brought another outing to a friends’ relative’s graduation party. This has become sort of a tradition in recent years. I take some friends to my family reunion (and endure about twice the normal Olive Garden jokes for any given day), they bring me to their cousin’s birthday party. It seems we have become each other’s pre-real-family family. This was followed up by a viewing of the smash hit movie Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. There really isn’t much to even say about this film. You need to see it to understand. Jesus + Vampires + Kung Fu…in Canada! What more do you need?! What else were you going to rent anyway, Ishtar?

I also have updated the photography section with three new photo collections. Some from the Rittenhouse Row festival two weeks ago, Mother’s Day at home with my family, and finally some Holga shots. Enjoy!