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{   June 18, 2003   }
Designing With Web Standards
Jeffrey Zeldman, the cool older brother of the internet, has written a new book called Designing With Web Standards. If you are anything like me (that being a design nerd who can write a few lines of code that may or may not work), this book is for you. It would be an understatement to say that this book is useful and informative. Have you ever wondered what all the hubbub is with XML and Style Sheets? DWWS will teach you how to make your site and your clients’ sites accessible to every man, woman and child, as well as how to make your pages backwards, forwards, and sideways compatible. Zeldman shows you step-by-step how to put your site on a diet and trim unwanted KB’s from your pages, and demystifies the current state of and design practices for the web. For me, the seed has already been planted. I am going to have trouble coding things with <font> tags anymore. Once I know ways to make things better and faster, it pains me to do them the old way. I can’t wait to redesign and recode this site with some valid XHTML and CSS action. This book should be on your desk. So go get it already.