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{   June 23, 2003   }
The Big Move: Part 1
Well, it finally happened. My roommates and I moved out of out apartment this past weekend and relocated to our respective new homes in Philadelphia. Rob, Pete, and Matt moved into a shiny brand new apartment mere blocks away from me at Liz’s apartment. The weekend’s move included 2 days of assault on every muscle in my body, a 26 foot moving truck (which now takes the coveted throne of “The largest vehicle Jason has ever driven”), and the purging of many of my possessions gained from a previous pack rat lifestyle (which still takes over at times, usually at yard sales and thrift stores, causing wide-eyed hysteria and foaming of the mouth). But, amidst all of the aches and pains, whining and sobbing, we are all moved. I am settled, and pleased to be so, trying to ignore the forthcoming second installment of the move which arrives in the fall. Liz and I will be in the shark tank that is apartment hunting, and if all goes well, more moving will ensue. I would jump up with excitement if I didn’t fear my spine exiting my body. Because of packing for the move (and preparation for an upcoming collaborative art piece…more on this soon) I was not able to write a tid bit about last weekend’s festivities which included my brother’s new band’s (The Jukebox Zeros) first show. Needless to say, they were great, breaking people’s beer bottles and eardrums with hot rock action.

While I am no the mend for the next day or two, I have some fantastic company…the new Harry Potter book. Yes, I am a dork and a kid at heart. I am sure I will hear about it for even mentioning an affection for the series. Well, piss off. This book is the best in the series so far (this has continually been the case, the latest being better than the last) and it has sunk its claws firmly into me. Every scrap of time I have had this weekend (and will surely continue through this week) was spent reading a few more pages. Which is why I am stopping this post now…I am wasting precious reading time.