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{   October 02, 2003   }
A Brush with Stardom
The CBS show “Hack” (which is a show about some crime-solving taxi driver, to my understanding) was filming on my block earlier this week. Trucks, trailers and other assorted important-looking-stuff lined the curb.

While walking home from the train Tuesday, I took it upon myself to go investigate. I walked out to the street corner where a few important-looking people were congregating. A woman with a clipboard was directing workers who were setting up some sort of lighting apparatus. I noticed a catered food table off to the side and decided to help myself. I grabbed some cookies from their wide selection and filled up a small cup with milk. I went back to the corner to see if anything interesting was going to happen when I noticed I was standing next to the guy. You know, the Hack guy. Well, maybe you don’t know. The only reason I knew is because I have seen a few promos on TV before. So I went up to him and said, “Hey, you’re the guy”. He smiled and replied, “Yeah, I’m the guy”. We shook hands, and he introduced himself as David (which is good, since the reason I had to call him “the guy” was because I had no idea what his name was).

And that’s it. I know you were hoping for more. I finished my milk and cookies and headed back to my apartment. On the way, I ran into the guy who plays the tough police officer on the show (he was coming out of the make-up trailer) and met him as well.