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{   December 08, 2003   }
A Splendid Day Off
Today I had off. Today my car got towed. Rob was nice enough to drive me to the impound lot. Rob was nicer still to wait with me amidst the lines, yelling people, and inane process of car retrieval. It costs $100 to spring your car from the joint, and an extra $25 for your parking ticket.

If you would like to count yourself among the extremely lucky cool kids, roll like me and score another parking ticket during the same day when you park your car outside of the cell phone store wherein you pay $85 for a new phone to replace the one that mysteriously disappeared this past weekend. After your 5 minutes exchange is up, come out to find a pleasant meter maid, who is predictably uninterested in your day’s sob story, writing you a $35 ticket. Instead he informs you that the time is now 3:31pm. The zone you are parked in becomes a rush-hour-high-volume-area at 3:30pm and you are in the way. Kindly offered him $35 to instead press down on the gas pedal while you lay down in front of your car. Skulk away unceremoniously when he is once again uninterested.

Today’s tally: $245.